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2008-9 Archives

Whitney Houstons Songs Will Live On In Torture Chambers

Italian Leader Tightens His Belt in Euro Crisis, and Undoes It Frequently

IMF Chiefs Favorite Drink? Minute Maid

Forget the Birther Issue; Is Obama a Sunni or a Shiite?

Glow-in-the-Dark Japanese Sushi a Big Hit

State Stops Services to Public, Using All Tax Revenue to Pay Salaries and Pensions

Obama Says There is a US Goal in Libya, But Declines to Reveal It

In Address to the Nation, Obama Calls for Civility from Mentally Disturbed

Supreme Court Rules There Cannot be a Nativity Scene at the Capitol Building

Taliban Refuses to Fight U.S. Army Because of Openly Gay Policy

U.S. Ambassadors Are Thrilled by WikiLeaks

Fareed Zakaria: "America is Going Down the Toilet, But I Love Living Here"

After the Mid-Term Elections, Michelle Is Not Proud of America Anymore

'Rally for Sanity' Rails Against Extremists Who Want to Balance the Budget

Lonely Man Pleased to Get Computer-Generated 'Happy Birthdays'

Obama Denies He is a Muslim, Issues a Fatwa

Obama on Mosque is Out of Touch ... With How Bigoted Americans Are

BP Plan to Drill in Deep Water off Libya Seen as British Plan to Destroy Libya's Tourism

Obama Hails Disastrous Jobs' Report as "Progress ... Towards Eliminating the Private Sector"

Another Fat Lesbian Appointed to Supreme Court

Obama Urges Students to Share Their Grades With Other Students

South Park Creators Think Times Square Bomb Scare Was Really Funny

Forget Google; Bongo News is Banned in China!

Thin People To Pay Health Costs of Fat People

After Passing Health Care, Reps Look Forward to Learning What They Voted For

Porn Star Ron Jeremy Forms the "Teabagging Party"

Cambridge Professors Say Global Cooling is Due to Global Warming, No Fraud This Time

Toyota's Problems Caused by Trying to Copy the Movie 'Thelma and Louise'

Sarah Palin Thought the FOX Network Was Named After Her

The Three Tenors Sing About Haiti

Reid: I'm Sorry I Said Obama Was Light-Skinned; He's Actually Blue Around the Mouth

U.S. Offering Speedy Access to Nigerians with One-Way Cash Tickets and No Luggage

Presidential Address to the Nation on the Alleged Attempted Terrorist Attack

Sarah Palin Was Behind the Toppling of the Pope

Global Warming Summit Ends Early Due to Cold Snap

Buick is Pissed That Tiger Crashed a Cadillac

Accenture's New Tiger Woods Ad to Emphasize Sex

Tiger Woods Crashed Car Because "I Left My Driver at Home"

Obama and Biden Agree That The White House Gatecrasher Provided Stimulus

Glenn Beck Diary: Happy Thanksgiving, and Thanks for Nothing, Obama!

Obama Says He Has Created One Billion Jobs

Oprah is a Quitter (Like Palin)

White House Acknowledges Obama Did Bow This Time

Yelling âGod Is Greatâ While Killing People Does Not Make You a Terrorist

Rihanna Agrees That Beating by Chris Brown is a Private Matter

Miss Binky's Guide to Surviving the Meltdown: How to Get a Free Bikini Wax at the Post Office

Cure Found for Liberal Thought Syndrome

Michelle Has Unfair Advantage in Hula Hoops

Fox News Named a Terrorist Organization

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize for ... Not Being George Bush

Supreme Court Rules "Global Warming" a Religion, Orders Separation of Church and State

Rush Limbaugh Eats Here

Bill Clinton and Obama Refused to Eat Here

Woody Allen Defends Polanski: â13 Year Olds Can Be Great in Bedâ

Critics of Obama's Plan to Destroy America Are Called Racist

Pelosi Calls Dutch Celebration of Manhattan's 400th Anniversary Un-American

Obama to Appoint a Czar to Save His Marriage

Itâs Serial Killer Field Trip Day at the New York State Fair!

General Motors' Banzai Attack Stuns Japanese Competitors

Clunker Program is the Only Bright Spot for the Hope and Change Agenda

Biden is Appalled by Obama's Gaffes

Boston Police Officer Tells Obama to Calm Down or Face Arrest

Shuttle's Mission is to See if it Can Land in One Piece

Sarah Palin's Top Ten Jokes About David Letterman

Sotomayor: Dyslexic White Guy Should Not Test Better Than Healthy Hispanics

Sotomayor: Fat, Catholic, Latina Woman Judge Better Than Thin White Male

Administration to Stop Using the Word "Pirates"

Barack and Michelle Act Like Hicks in Europe

Earth Hour a Huge Success, Better than Earth Day

One-Eyed Monster Steals the Show in Monsters vs Aliens

Audubon Society Blamed for Plane Crashes, Bird Poop

Straight Out of Animal Farm: "Newspeak" on the Budget

GOP Rebuttal by Jindal Turns Into Shameless Promo for Slumdog Millionaire

Chavez Becomes President for Life, Obama Mulls Doing Same

Obama's Limit on Wall Street Pay Is Gutting His Tax Base

More Obama Vetting Woes: Nominees Were a Pimp and UFC Fighter

Cardinals' Coach Throws Super Bowl Game; Fear of Gatorade and Ice

Obama Apologizes for Slavery, Criticized as "Uncle Tom"

âStimulusâ Package Will Stimulate Liberals, Not Jobs

Following Guantanamo Closure, Obama to Shut Down Disneyland

Presidential Oath Flub: Obama and Chief Justice Now Married

Biden Family Bloopers Keep on Coming

Obama Pardons OJ Simpson

Redford Celebrates Kerry Victory at Sundance 2009

Bush Announces Best "Vantage Points" For Obama Inauguration

Beyonce's Two Golden Globes

Hamas Deploys its Own Mickey Mouse

Bush Diary " In Two Weaks I Will Be History, So My Legucy is Intact

Abstinence Education Not Working; Conservatives Now Advocating High School Marriages

Caroline Kennedy, Like, the Sort of Interview, You Know

Ugly and Dumb Caroline Kennedy Revives Camelot Dream

Robert F. Kennedy Bridge Renamed "Simon and Garfunkel Bridge'

Obama to Create 2.5 Million Jobs... for Mexicans

Obama's Economic Dream Team for Change Has an Average Age of 92

Bush Diary " McSame Loses; Love that Sarah Nailin'

Republican Party to Become a Bank, Seeks Bailout

Young Obama Voter Discovers That the Issues He Cares About Are All State Issues

Michelle Obama Says This is the Second Time She has Been Proud of America

George Clooney Calls For Unity So We Can All Implement the Liberal Agenda

Maybe a Pilot Who Crashed His Plane Wasnât Such a Good Candidate Choice

Obama Thanks Lehman Brothers

Anagrams by Laurie: Joe Biden = I Need Job

Bongo News is First to Call the Election for Obama

"The Economist' Endorses Obama: "Raising Taxes in a Recession is Hillarious"

Paulson Gives Goldman $10 Billion for Bonuses, Bails Out Shoe Shine Guy

Krugman: Bush Deficit Bad, Obama Deficit Good

Powell Endorses Obama; Look What Happened Last Time the We Listened to Him

Bush Critic Wins Nobel Prize

McCain and Palin Jokes

Romanian Humor: Sarah Palin

Virginia Primary: Women Over 60 with Alzheimer's Still Support Hillary

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