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The full monkey

Jungle porn.
- Tiny RI

"How do you like them apples?!"
- heather

I just know you ladies want some of this!
- ScazzMan

It's Show Time at the Foxy Monkey.
- Tiny RI

The full monkey.
- grizzlychicken

Tourists and their cameras! Can't even take a crap around here anymore.
- Tiny RI

"You - the kid who just called me Eric Cartman - there's some fresh poop headed your way!"
- Old Comedywriter

“What big arms you have, grandma!”
“The better to throw feces at you, my dear.”
- pepsiguy91

“Phew! That roll-on just doesn't cut it.”
- Tiny RI

"Mom, cover up. The mail man is here and he can see you. Mom!"
- Hodink

Proof of Buddha evolution.
- Crank Caller

Buddha ... the early days.
- effeff

“I AM Buddha, rub me good.”
- happymiss2004

Buddha before electrolysis.
- steveirwinfan

“Yes Doctor, I would like a breast lift and a tummy tuck.”
- akessel

“Okay, you're right. I don't remember the last time I saw my penis.”
- Sh0rtstack86

Rosanne Barr had seriously let herself go.
- Stratoman

Cameras rolling, Kirstie ups the ante to save the Fat Actress show
- Book Doc

Marlon Brando found ALIVE on remote tropical island.
- Monica's First Boyfriend

There were many sexy poses in his portfolio, but this one was John Candy's favorite.
- Emblem

With his Cheshire-cat grin, devil-may-care attitude and potent charisma, Jack Nicholson is definitely a ladies man!!!
- One Brick Shy

“Now lose that Speedo, monkey boy"
- kataz

“Banana Republic, of course...”
- Underdog Pepperoni

“To hell with Victoria's Secret,” Lucy thought to herself.
- Stratoman

They just don't make XLs like they used to.
- Small Mouth

Saturday night, 7:15pm. Irwin gets ready for his big date.
- trelane

Maurice would sell the shirt off his back for a banana ...
- dragondamo

Clyde's waist is now "every which way but loose."
- dragondamo

“Well, big boy, your ad said you wanted a swinger.”
- Tiny RI

"I'm too sexy for my shirt ...”
- basilgreek

“Does this shirt make me look fat?”
- bluebunny28

“Oh sh*t! Not guilty? No more kids around. Better get ready ...”
- Tiny RI

Loanshark dating service

Nantucket Easter Parade.
- Tiny RI

“I feel like a fish out of water here.”
- dragondamo

Just when you thought it was safe to get out of the water!
- ez2njoy69

"That's the last time I go for a swim wearing this ... that harpoon hurt like hell!"
- Agent_Scully

“Here come the kids. Let’s hop into the water and scare them!”
- Tina

All law students have to take a semester of Ambulance Chasing 101.
- trelane

At the Corporate Lawyers’ convention.

Loanshark dating service
- Skip

Jimmy Buffet fans mistakenly visit the wrong headwear vendor on the way to the concert.
- trelane

"Aw, look at the bright side. If we were in Green Bay we'd have cheese hats."
- North

“Let's go find some people with Dolphin hats and beat them up!”
- jissilly

Casual Friday at Red Lobster.
- teevees

Chickens of the Sea.
- Mitch

West Side Story tryout for Sharks vs. Jets
- Tiny RI

Tryouts for Jaws remake in Poland.
- Tiny RI

Luca Brasi's family prepare for the annual "Swim with the Fishes" reunion.
- Monica's First Boyfriend

“Cute tails on those girls.”
- Tiny RI

“Look at that one! His fin is bent.”
- Tiny RI

Silly females. Everyone knows sharks don't wear earrings.
- Tiny RI

Why all the tuna was gone from the buffet.
- Tiny RI

“You should have seen the ones that got away!”
- whatmeworry

After a few drinks, Karen always got belligerent. "What are you looking at, asshole"
- Goodlife3470

"Does this hat make me look stupid?"
- aries4_76

- akessel

Xena, Trailer Park Princess

No one dared attack when Brunhilde was on guard duty ...
- Emblem

“OK, I slept with the dragon. Now where is this damn maiden you want me to slay?”
- Z

After saving the world for the zillionth time, Xena retires to join the ranks of fat housewives.
- jenirn2005

Xena, Trailer Park Princess.
- effeff

Xena’s long lost gay brother is often seen borrowing her clothes.
- jenirn2005

Prince Pastey White comes out of the closet.
- Tiny RI

Miss Norway 2005.
- Digiball

Ready for the Viking Prom.
- Tiny RI

Bjorn was pleased with his tailor's attempt to hide his man-boobs.
- Emblem

Ozzy Osbourne’s Senior Year Yearbook picture.
- Bearzerker

“Okay, who's the wiseguy who stuck the sword in my foot?”
- akessel

One more time, Theordin failed to make it to the front cover of "Playhobbit."
- Koldito

He followed his two interests ... turning into a girl and knighthood.
- Hodink

Love is never having to say, "Are you a boy or a girl?"
- Tiny RI

“I killed my last husband for saying I'm ugly. Oh hell, I killed the whole town.”
- zappy

Sausage Queen 2005: "Let me cut one for ya!"
- buster

The Camelot Personal Ads.

Leather warrior outfit: $230
Sword: $560
Cost of breast implants to enhance final image: Apparently too much ...
- Emblem

Before moving on to a successful radio talk show career, Rush was a member of the National Polish Opera company.
- Monica's First Boyfriend

“Does this make my sword look sharp?”
- OohAah

“I wish Snowball was alive to see this. WHY DID GOD HAVE TO INVENT PICKUP TRUCKS? LIFE CAN BE SO CRUEL! I need some chocolate. Hold me?”
- sodapop

- trelane

Polish Air Force

Polish Air Force
- Bebe

A rare sighting of George Bush in the Alabama Air National Guard.
- The Sith

Topsy-TurvyTed had his own way of doing things.
- Rachel Edith

"Oh shoot, there goes all my change."
- bobmoore

He always liked to be on top.
- Tiny RI

"Pilot to bombadier ..."
- sephirahx

"Now youv'e done it! Your PortaPotty is all over Rhode Island."
- Tiny RI

"Really, be honest. Does this jumpsuit make me look fat?
- flutterby

"Can you see me now?"
- Salgoud

"If you want to borrow my newspaper just say so, but will you quit trying to read it over my shoulder!"
- steveirwinfan

The manly Doublemint commercial.
- jissilly

"All clear Niner, all clear Niner ... sh*t I mean Sixer, all clear Sixer!"
- Bass13

"Hey, that's Tom Cruise!"
- trelane

"Do you have any Grey Poupon?"
- denpq

"I do not think this is how we refuel."

"Fine Carl, your penis is bigger."
- stanky

Don't ask, don't tell.
- malvinas

"I'm still not touching you ..."
- bubba

Revenge of The 6th.
- Tiny RI

The aerial sex team was nearing it's climatic conclusion.
- Stratoman

"Stop f**kin' around, we'll be over the Superbowl in a minute!"
- North


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