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Comics We'd Like to See

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Comics We'd Like to See: Dudwood and Bondee (30-Jul-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Not Such a Dill, Bert (6-Aug-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Doomsbury (13-Aug-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Hagar the Adorable (20-Aug-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: BC/PC (27-Aug-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Snoop Dog (3-Sep-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Charlie Brain (10-Sep-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Dennis the Marvelous (17-Sep-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: The Phartman (24-Sep-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Little Awful Annie (1-Oct-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Young Calvin Klein Loses Interest in His Toy Tiger (15-Oct-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Alternative Ending to Calvin (22-Oct-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: In Heat Cliff (29-Oct-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Beatle Baby (5-Nov-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Beat Me Baby (12-Nov-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Willie in Ether (19-Nov-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Turdfactories (26-Nov-03)

Comics We'd Like to See: Popping Zits (3-Dec-03)

More Comics We'd Like to See

Stupid Drawings


Kobe (7-Jan-04)

American Evolution (14-Jan-04)

That Guy (21-Jan-04)

College Majors (28-Jan-04)

How to Get Fired (4-Feb-04)

Chillin Chillin (11-Feb-04)

Wish Upon a Star (18-Feb-04)

Long Distance (25-Feb-04)

Divorce (3-Mar-04)

Men Are Pigs (10-Mar-04)

How Great You Are (17-Mar-04)

A Very Special Lesson (24-Mar-04)

Animal Farm (31-Mar-04)

Everybody Loves Raymond (7-Apr-04)

Thanks Ralph (14-Apr-04)

First Amendment (21-Apr-04)

Gunsmoke (28-Apr-04)

I Came First (5-May-04)

The Pamphlet Pusher (12-May-04)

Sex Under a Microscope (19-May-04)

Pear Pressure (26-May-04)

Free Tibet! (2-Jun-04)

The Invisible Man Inserting a Pencil Into His Rectum (9-Jun-04)

The Dreamer With One Eye on the Ball (16-Jun-04)

Cash or Charge (23-Jun-04)

The Friendly Executioner (30-Jun-04)

Toilet Talk (7-Jul-04)

Cockney Heavy Petting (14-Jul-04)

Censorship Ain't That [###] (21-Jul-04)

You're a Failure! (28-Jul-04)

Even More Stupid Drawings

Comics by Hugo Ballz

More Hugo Ballz

Hugo Ballz: Nerdboy and Morocycle Man 2 (1-Jun-05)

Amphibo and Hugo (8-Jun-05)

Hugo Martini (15-Jun-05)

God is an Artist (22-Jun-05)

Robodude Exercise (29-Jun-05)

Healthy Robot (6-Jul-05)

Jet Pack (13-Jul-05)

Dishrag Robot (20-Jul-05)

Hugo vs. The Hackers (27-Jul-05)

Space War (3-Aug-05)

Healthy Robot (10-Aug-05)

Hugo's Rash (17-Aug-05)

Robot's Cadaver as Art (24-Aug-05)

Spooning (31-Aug-05)

Dorkus Gets High (7-Sep-05)

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (14-Sep-05)

Hugo Up in a Tree (21-Sep-05)

Dorkus Fart (28-Sep-05)

Hugo Ballz: The Branches of a Tree Never Outgrow Each Other (5-Oct-05)

Hugo Ballz: The Socialites (12-Oct-05)

Hugo Ballz: I'm Lovin' It (19-Oct-05)

Hugo Ballz: Secret Identity (26-Oct-05)

Hugo Ballz: I'll Never Grow Up (2-Nov-05)

Hugo Ballz Looks at Boobs (9-Nov-05)

Hugo Ballz: Trees Are Just Upside Down Roots (16-Nov-05)

Hugo Ballz: The Gooper (30-Nov-05)

Hugo Ballz: iPod Murder (7-Dec-05)

Hugo Ballz: Harry Potter (14-Dec-05)

Hugo Ballz: Cake (28-Dec-05)

Hugo Ballz: Merchandize (4-Jan-06)

Hugo Ballz: Deodorant (11-Jan-06)

Hugo Ballz: The Return of Dirtbag Dan (18-Jan-06)

Hugo Ballz: gooper and charlie (25-Jan-06)

Hugo Ballz: Flem (1-Feb-06)

Hugo Ballz: Maniac Man (8-Feb-06)

Hugo Ballz: Zen Wrapped in Karma (15-Feb-06)

Hugo Ballz: Robodude Orders a Pizza (22-Feb-06)

Hugo Ballz: A Message From the University Administration (1-Mar-06)

Hugo Ballz: Autobiography (8-Mar-06)

Hugo Ballz: Taking a Dump (15-Mar-06)

Hugo Ballz: The Socialites Take a Stroll (22-Mar-06)

Hugo Ballz: Show Me Where Your Dad Keeps the Booze (29-Mar-06)

Hugo Ballz: Robodude's Poem (5-Apr-06)

Hugo Ballz: Future Man (12-Apr-06)

Hugo Ballz: Peanut Butter and Spiders (19-Apr-06)

Hugo Ballz: What's the Point? (26-Apr-06)

Hugo Ballz: Sellout (3-May-06)

Hugo Ballz: Paranoia (10-May-06)

Hugo Ballz on Wal-Mart (17-May-06)

Hugo Ballz: Shopping Spree (24-May-06)

Hugo Ballz: Lacoste (31-May-06)

Hugo Ballz: Androgyny (7-Jun-06)

Hugo Ballz: The Preps, Live in Concert (14-Jun-06)

Hugo Ballz: The Tunnel (21-Jun-06)

Hugo Ballz: Murder (28-Jun-06)

Hugo Ballz: Hector and Julio (5-Jul-06)

Hugo Ballz: Three Legs (12-Jul-06)

Hugo Ballz: Mow the Lawn (19-Jul-06)

Hugo Ballz: The Danger of Thomas the Tank Engine (26-Jul-06)

Hugo Ballz: Dutch Oven (2-Aug-06)

Hugo Ballz: She Cries During Sex (16-Aug-06)

Hugo Ballz: Sparky and Pinchy (23-Aug-06)

Hugo Ballz: The Note (30-Aug-06)

Hugo Ballz: Modern Art (27-Sep-06)

Hugo Ballz: A Dog Day Afternoon (4-Oct-06)

Hugo Ballz: TV Warning (11-Oct-06)

Hugo Ballz: Star Wars (18-Oct-06)

Hugo Ballz: Halloween (25-Oct-06)

Hugo Ballz: Rhinestone Cowboy (1-Nov-06)

Hugo Ballz: Hipster Cafe (8-Nov-06)

Hugo Ballz: Sunday Morning Cartoons (15-Nov-06)

Hugo Ballz: Sea Creatures (22-Nov-06)

Hugo Ballz: Samo and Junkfood (29-Nov-06)

Hugo Ballz: Samo and Cheesegirl (6-Dec-06)

Hugo Ballz: Zen Wrapped in Karma (13-Dec-06)

Hugo Ballz: Hugo Meets Santa (20-Dec-06)

Hugo Ballz: The Origin of Hugo's Cap (27-Dec-06)

Hugo Ballz: Ashton Kutcher (3-Jan-07)

Hugo Ballz: Tickle Me, Elmo (10-Jan-07)

Hugo Ballz: Samo and Junkfood 2 (17-Jan-07)

Hugo Ballz: Pizza Guy (24-Jan-07)

Hugo Ballz: Table and Ottomon (31-Jan-07)

Hugo Ballz: Robodude and the Dinosaur (7-Feb-07)

Hugo Ballz: Cuckold (14-Feb-07)

Hugo Ballz: Boner (21-Feb-07)

Hugo Ballz: The Oracle (28-Feb-07)

Hugo Ballz: Captain Environment (7-Mar-07)

Hugo Ballz: Urban Gorilla Meets a Girl (14-Mar-07)

Hugo Ballz: Chic Lit (21-Mar-07)

Hugo Ballz: Whitey and Genital Herpes (28-Mar-07)

Hugo Ballz: Ice-Z (4-Apr-07)

Hugo Ballz: Motorcycleman Scores (11-Apr-07)

Hugo Ballz: Don Imus (18-Apr-07)

Hugo Ballz: Hillary's Fundraising (25-Apr-07)

Hugo Ballz: Track and Field (2-May-07)

Hugo Ballz: A Conversation with the Teacher (9-May-07)

Hugo Ballz: Ice-Z and Pimping (16-May-07)

Hugo Ballz: Nerdboy and Motorcycleman (30-May-07)

Hugo Ballz: Nerdboy and Motorcycle Man 2 (7-Jun-07)

More Hugo Ballz

Comic Book Covers by Blorno

More blorno

Radiant Love: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones (24-Mar-04)

Stories to Hold You Spellbound: Bill Gates, the Worm (31-Mar-04)

Mystery: Condi Rice (7-Apr-04)

Love Lessons: John Ashcroft (14-Apr-04)

Strange Confessions: George Bush (21-Apr-04)

Secret Love: Janet Jackson (28-Apr-04)

Gangsters and Gun Molls: Ralph Nader (5-May-04)

Out of This World Adventures: Laura Bush (12-May-04)

Terrifying Tales: Dick Cheney (19-May-04)

Dangerous Battles " Breathless Suspense: Howard Dean (26-May-04)

I Hated Being a Woman: Uma Thurman (2-Jun-04)

Anarcho Dictator of Death: John Kerry (9-Jun-04)

Gunner & Sarge: Bush & Rumsfeld (16-Jun-04)

Calling All Boys: Michael Jackson (23-Jun-04)

The Haunt of Fear: Dick Cheney (30-Jun-04)

Startling Comics: Anna Kournikova (7-Jul-04)

Confessions of the Lovelorn: Jessica Simpson (14-Jul-04)

Thrilling Crime Case: Liv Tyler (21-Jul-04)

Untamed Love: Britney Spears (28-Jul-04)

The Genius-Beasts: Charleze Theron (4-Aug-04)

My Love Life: Anna Kournikova (11-Aug-04)

More Comic Book Covers by blorno

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