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Bob Woodward: "I'm Spending the Rest of My Life in Bush's Shorts"


WASHINGTON, DC — Bob Woodward, in a follow-up interview to his revelations on 60 Minutes about President Bush's pre-Iraq War planning, has announced his permanent relocation into the underwear of the Commander in Chief.

"I'm just going to pursue a kind of Siamese twin attachment to the President so in case Colin, whom I've nicknamed 'Deep Large Intestine,' hears something from Dubya after some Saudi hears it, I'll be able to break the story immediately," he noted.

"Actually, Colin's name had given me an idea about where I might implant myself in the President. I mean, I am anal.

"Whereas the identity of Deep Throat remains a mystery, in this generation's Watergate, i.e., the Iraq War, the identity of the snitch will hardly be controversial. It's me ... 'Deep Small Intestine.'

"Condi Rice believes I am 'full of it' anyway.

Van Gross, MD

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