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Bush Advisors Plan to Be on Vacation During the Summer Terrorist Attack

Bush Golf

WASHINGTON, DC — Al Qaeda plans to attack the United States in the next few months, top US officials have warned, citing "credible intelligence, namely Ahmed Chalabi."

But Administration officials are going to tough it out and say they will proceed with their planned vacations.

"I am going to visit the Bahamas this summer," said Attorney General John Ashcroft. "I have been planning this trip for a while, and am staying the course. If I do otherwise, the terrorists will win. I will not be flying commercial, however."

"I cannot do anything about terrorism this summer," said Donald Rumsfeld. "I am planning to go to Las Vegas with Dick Cheney. Bush wants me to use the Iraq under-the-table money to decrease the deficit. Face it, we need the money, and gambling was the best way into Iraq, so logically it's the best way out."

The Vice President does not seem concerned about this threat, and is willing to go to Las Vegas (his secret location) for unspecified reasons. However, the casino video we obtained from his earlier visit to Sin City shows Cheney spinning the dice and yelling, "Come on, Dickie needs a new pacemaker."

Condoleezza Rice said, "The President will be campaigning this summer, and will have no time to deal with this threat. We'll have a National Security Council meeting, but it will probably be about attacking Syria."

"If the attack comes in August," said the President, "I'll be at my ranch."


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