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Jack Palethorpe Interviews Jonathan Demme, the Director of 'The Manchurian Candidate'


Our intrepid movie critic, Jack Palethorpe, conducted an exclusive telephone interview with the director of The Manchurian Candidate, which opens on nationwide on July 30.

Palethorpe: Who have you got playing the lead?
Demme: Denzel Washington.
Palethorpe: But he's black! Why not a Chinese actor?
Demme: Because the protagonist is an American, not Chinese.
Palethorpe: But it's called the MANCHURIAN candidate!
Demme: Yes, but the movie is really dealing with McCarthy-era issues reoccurring in the US today.
Palethorpe: Jackie Chan would have been good in the lead.
Demme: Well, he's not in the movie.
Palethorpe: Or that sword fighting guy from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Demme: He's not in it, either!
Palethorpe: Do you have any Chinese actors?
Demme: No! There are no Asian actors! It's got nothing to do with Asia!
Palethorpe: What about Lucy Liu?
Demme: She's not in it! [Aside: Who is this guy?]
Palethorpe: So it's miscast. Isn't this also a remake of an old movie?
Demme: I wouldn't use the word "remake." It's a re-interpretation of Richard Condon's novel. There was a 1962 movie version, but this version stands on its own. Different times call for different measures.
Palethorpe: So it's not as good as the original?
Demme: [Click]

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