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Separated at Birth: Alberto Gonzales and Señor Wences' Dummy

alberto senor

WASHINGTON, DC — President Bush has nominated Alberto Gonzales to be the new Attorney General, but rumors persist that Bush has simply taken a page out of a 1960's ventriloquist's bag of tricks. Gonzales strongly resembles Pedro, the head in the box used by Señor Wences. According to Señor Wences, the head was the product of a "lucky train accident."

Observers on both sides of the aisle were struck by the consistent, almost lockstep exchange between Bush and Gonzales when discussing the law enforcement agenda of the Tex-Mex nominee:

Bush: S'OK?
Gonzales: S'awright.
Bush: S'OK?
Gonzales: S'awright.

The President has also been quick to add that Gonzales "has great experience in the area of Geneva Convention torture violations, particularly in the area of beheadings."

During frequent appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 1960's, Señor Wences would often throw in a few Spanish words. President Bush, now oddly favoring the new nickname "Señor Bush," vows to create a bridge to the Latino community with clever Spanish language parlance to Gonzales.

"Tu estas my little Hispanic vote getting friend," said the President.

"S'awright," said Gonzales.

Van Gross, MD

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