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Michael Jackson: "My Gloves Fit, You Must Acquit"

michael jackson glove

LOS ANGELES — The defense in the Michael Jackson case has won a major point in proving that Jackson's fingerprints on a porn magazine he allegedly showed to young boys had been planted on the magazine. How could they tell? Because Jackson never takes off his gloves!

"I wear my gloves all the time," Jackson told Bongo News outside the courtroom. "I wear them to sleep, I play games in them, I write music in them, why I even molest little boys in them "¦ wait a minute, I mean I even wipe my ass with them."

Jackson's lawyers suspect that the fingerprints were planted by prosecutors who did not know about the pop star's glove fetish, including one who is stuck in "˜60's images of early rockers who did not wear gloves.


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