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Hugo Up in a Tree
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Monaco's Prince Albert is Surprised by All the Paternity Suits, Being Gay


MONACO — Prince Albert of Monaco has said he is greatly surprised by the number of flight attendants, models and nightclub attendees who have come forward to name him as the father of their out-of-wedlock children.

"It is a great surprise," said Albert from his palace in Monaco, "especially since I'm gay!"

Since assuming the throne after the death of his father in April, Prince Albert has changed some royal traditions. One is that his flag will fly at all times above his palace, not just when he is in residence, as had been the custom. Albert likes his privacy, and likes to slip away unseen to spend time with his friends.

"It is a change of tradition," admitted Albert, "but it shows that Monaco is up to date! Also, I can assure you that nothing flies at half mast in this palace.'

Julio Cesar

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