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Tyra Banks' Breasts Before and After Surgery

tyra banks breasts Tyra

NEW YORK — Tyra Banks made a big effort to try prove to her TV audience that her humongous breasts were real. She had a male doctor feel her up on TV, and she had a sonogram on air. After the examination, the doctor declared that her breasts were real. He was taken off the show with a giant erection, mumbling, "She's a super model!" The sonogram machine overheated and blew a fuse.

Critics suggested that Tyra did a show about her breasts to boost her sagging ratings, but Tyra called it uplifting and asked for her fan's support.

What the Dickens was Tyra thinking getting felt up on TV? And what a coincidence that her favorite author is David Coppafeel! For the time being, she might be laughing all the way to the bank, but not for long. Tyra is one of the worst talk show hosts in talk show history. Perhaps one day people might even thank her for the mammaries. Who could possibly be supporting her other than a few bosom buddies from High School, where a boy once told her "urinate." That's right. "Urinate but if your tits were bigger you'd be a ten."

Notwithstanding this nonsense, Bongo News investigative reporters and Art Department have uncovered the secret "before" and "after" photos of Tyra's breasts, proving they are fake!

Julio Cesar and Laurie Siegel

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