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Kennedy Car Crash Without Alcohol Being a Factor? Top 10 Other Non-Factors

10. Orthodox rabbi goes to synagogue without Judaism being a factor.
9. Bear goes to bathroom without woods being a factor.
8. Shiites kill Sunnis without slight Muslim misunderstanding being a factor.
7. Bill O'Reilly spins on The Factor without The Factor being a factor.
6. Anne Coulter punches out fags without her extra Y chromosome being a factor.
5. George Bush conducts policy without moronic thinking being a factor.
4. Bill Clinton goes globe trotting without exotic tail being a factor.
3. Ken Lay resides in prison without future cellmate "Baldy Mounter" being a factor.
2. Scarlett Johannsen stars in Woody Allen movie without neurotic film maker admitting he is in love with Scarlett and her 13-year old sister.
1. Porter Goss resigns from the CIA without his firing being a factor.

Van Gross, MD

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