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Christie Brinkley: "There Are Still 3 Billion Men I Haven't Married"

christie brinkley

BRIDGEHAMPTON, New York — Ex-super model, Christie Brinkley, has separated from her fourth husband, the successful Hamptons' architect, Peter Cook. The former Cover Girl girl told close friends that Cook, who at 47 is 5 year's younger than her, was just too good looking and too successful for her to feel as unhappy as a celebrity of her stature should feel. So she shunned him and he allegedly turned to solace in the arms of a local, 19-year old girl.

"My stature is getter bigger," the Uptown Girl told friends, "as I get bigger. I worry that Chevy Chase wouldn't give me a side-long glance now on his Vacation, no matter what color my sports car.

"When I was out with Peter on the streets in the Hamptons holding up placards protesting against George Bush, nuclear power, and makeup which cakes, people would think I was Peter's mother! And Peter told his friends that he kept on designing bigger and bigger houses for us to live in so I would look smaller!

"So far I have been married to a Frenchman, a rock star, a poor man pretending to be a rich man, and the handsomest man in the Hamptons," she said. "I'd like to try an alcoholic, a wife beater, and a mass murder "“ that would be fun!"

Julio Cesar

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