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Bush's Table Manners Appall the G-8
... Full story

Saddam Goes on Hunger Strike: Skips Breakfast
... Full story

Corpse Crowned Miss Hezbollah
... Full story

Watch Out For Gonorrhea Lectim
... Full story

Falwell's Followers Drink Specially Formulated Kool-Aid
... Full story

Couric Erupts on Her Listening Tour, After Going Off Her Meds
... Full story

White House Fence Repair
... Full story

Winner of the Miss Afghan Beauty Contest
... Full story

Employees Take a Break Outside Viagra Headquarters
... Full story

For the Man Who Has Everything: Three Tits
... Full story

Ask Dr. Sawtooth: Will a Republican Be the Next President?
... Full story

Romeo and Juliet: Avril Lavigne
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Hugo Ballz: The Danger of Thomas the Tank Engine
Hugo Ballz comic strip... Full story

Bush Gropes Merkel, Says Clinton Used to Grope People


Dood Abides

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