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Mel Gibson Apologizes For Calling Cop a Jew


LOS ANGELES — Mel Gibson has apologised for calling a Los Anglese cop a Jew during his arrest for being drunk.

"I'm sorry, but that bloke looked like a Jew," he said. "He had a big nose and a swarthy complexion. I'm sorry if I offended him. Nobody wants to be Jewish, even the Jews!"

"I also apologize to my Savior, Jesus Christ. I forgot he was a Yid.

"Some of my best friends are kikes, but I love them anyway. I promise I won't give anymore money to the Hezbelloh to buy missiles to fire at Hymie Land.

"I am not anti-Semitic. Why, I frequently go to Goldman's Delicatessen and order a corned beef sandwich on rye!"

Gunther Schnitzell

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