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JonBenet Fashion Craze Sweeps Nation

TonyBenet, B.B.Benet, GeneBenet, JonBonJoviBenet, BonoBenet and O.J.Benet pose for photos at recent ‘JonBenifit’ held in Studio City, CA

BURBANK, California — Hundreds of actors and television personalities gathered in support of themselves last week in Burbank, California.

"We just want to express our solidarity with JonBenet," said Bono, self-appointed spokesman for the group. "We're here to raise a bunch of money for someone so that the spotlight can return where it belongs " on us. Peace."

The JonBenet fad continues to sweep the nation with JonBenet events scheduled in every major city and many others abroad, as well.

In a related story, a riot ensued and some 42 fashion-conscious followers were trampled to death in New York City's garment district in the rush to purchase items from Martha Stewart's new clothing line, JonBenetWear.

Sim Namore

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