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Baghdad Bob Denies Republicans Lost Both Houses of Congress
... Full story

Bush Poem: Make the Pie Higher
... Full story

Bush Diary - Why Doesn't the Media Report the Positive Election Stories?
... Full story

Bush Family Reverts to Quadrupedalism, Macaques Deny Being Democrats
... Full story

Bush Poses for Official Portrait
... Full story

Presidential Pigs
... Full story

Jimmy Carter Statue Has Lust in Its Heart Too
... Full story

Anagrams by Laurie: Rumsfeld Steps Down
... Full story

Ask Dr. Sawtooth: Why Are American Schools Stopping Physical Exercise?
... Full story

Romanian Humor: Rumsfeld Firing
By Mihai Matei... Full story

Jekyll and Hyde: George Bush
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Hugo Ballz: Sunday Morning Cartoons
Hugo Ballz comic strip... Full story

Chinese Restaurant Cat Sign


Mike Pasternack

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