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World Bank Goes Back to Normal, Eradicates Poverty ... of its Mandarins

world bank
Billion dollar headquarters is a tool in poverty alleviation

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The World Bank's Board of Directors and the World Bank President, Paul Wolfowitz, reached a deal for Wolfowitz to resign but for the Board to clear him of ethics charges.

"We accept the fact that he declared a conflict of interest, tried to recuse himself from it, was not allowed to by our ethics committee, and then fell into our trap," said a Board spokesman.

"He made every mistake in the book," he continued. "First, never admit an affair " that's so American! We Europeans are a lot more sophisticated about that sort of thing. Second, we don't like the Iraq war and President Bush. He should have known that! Third, we like lending to corrupt countries. If we didn't, what else would we do? There are 7,000 employees here who need something to do!

"Finally, he tried to run the place as if he were the President! But the staff runs the place here. The President is here for five years, but we are here forever! Who did he think he was, thinking he would have any influence over what we did?

"He was totally unsuited to the job!"

Emma Dubin

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