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Clinton Camp Smears Obama, Declares Their Positions Identical

clinton obama

NEW YORK — The Hillary Clinton camp began a new smear campaign directed at casting doubt on Barack Obama's opposition to the Iraq war.

"He secretly supported the war," said a Clinton aide. "I have here a copy of an e-mail I just found in a box in Hillary's office. It is an e-mail from Barack Hussein Obama to Saddam Hussein, saying, "Dear Cousin. I hope you are well and preparing to repel the infidel American invaders. I am on your side, but please don't tell anybody."

A senior Obama campaign manager shot back that the e-mail was a dirty trick.

"It's a fake!" he said. "Barack would never have sent an e-mail to his cousin. That's so impersonal. He would have phoned instead. That's how nice a person he is."

The Clinton aide said Obama's and Clinton's positions on Iraq had always been identical.

"He did not vote for the war, and she crossed her fingers behind her back when she voted. Same thing!"

Emma Dubin

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