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Bush and Blair Declare Endless Love

bush blair

WASHINGTON, D.C. — British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush engaged in a loving tribute to each other and their "special relationship" at a White House Press conference.

"I am not Bush's poodle," said Blair, "but I love him."

Blair, stepping down as Prime Minister on June 27, had spent the night at the White House, a sign of the relationship he has with Bush. Bush and Blair had breakfast in the residence and walked together to the Oval Office.

The President later took the Prime Minister to the Situation Room in the basement of the White House for an hour-long session.

Blair's successor Gordon Brown, is expected to cultivate his own relationship with Bush.

"I will not be Bush's poodle," said Brown. "But have you heard the expression "˜Brown nosing?'"

Emma Dubin

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