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Valerie Plame Sues CIA, Now Wants to be Public Figure

valerie plame P

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Valerie Plame, the former CIA employee who’s identity was leaked to the press by the Bush Administration, is suing the CIA for interfering with her book deal.

“My privacy was violated by the Bush Administration for political gain,” said Plame. “I felt so exposed.

“But after I posed for the Vanity Fair cover and Scooter Libby was convicted, I felt a lot better about things.

“Now I have a lucrative book deal, but the CIA says I signed an employment contract not to write any books about my CIA service. How dare they! I’m a public figure with a Vanity Fair cover! I’m a celebrity! Celebrities need exposure, and that’s all I’m seeking now.

Julio Cesar


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