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Colin Powell's and Colin Farrell's Invitations Get Mixed Up


WASHINGTON, DC, and LOS ANGELES — Invitations sent to movie actor Colin Farrell and to political actor Colin Powell got mixed up this week. As a result, Farrell was invited to address the UN Security Council, and Powell was invited to a promotion for Farrell's latest movie, a thriller about the CIA called The Recruit.

Realizing their predicaments, they tried their best to adapt. Powell did his best to promote Farrell's new movie. "Once I read the script, I knew I had to do this movie," said Powell.

"What was it like working with Al Pacino?" asked a reporter.

"Better than working with Harry Belafonte," replied Powell.

"Did you enjoy your nude scene?"

"I'd like to do it over."

"Was it fun firing a gun and beating up on people?"

"You bet."

"Was that really the CIA headquarters?"

"Don't ask."

Meanwhile, at the UN, Farrell did his best to present the US case for going to war on Iraq. "Once I read the Administration's briefing notes, I knew we had to go to war," said Farrell. "There are all sorts of aerial photos here of some factories or palaces or something, and whatever they are we should bomb them."

"Do you have a problem with Harry Belafonte?"

"Who is he?"

"When does the shooting start?"

"We begin shooting in three weeks."

"Will Baghdad be hit first?"

"No, we're starting in LA."

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