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Bloomin' Berg Elected Mayor of New York
Mike Blimpberg, the billionaire businessperson, was elected Mayor of New York... Full story

Bin Laden's New Weapon
Osama Bin Laden, who has been stuck in a cave for the last two months with hundreds of Taliban fighters, has developed a new offensive weapon. It is called B.O....

Britney Spears Can't Spell
The French district is spelled "Brittany and looks nothing like a spear, nor her. Also, she can't speak French....

Budget Cuts at "60 Minutes"
Because of budget cuts to pay for Afghan war coverage, starting this Sunday, "60 Minutes" will be known as "50 Minutes"....

Southern News: Schoolkids Eat Crickets
... Full story

Really Southern News
This is how they dress for the track Down Under... Full story

Bush Meets with What's-His-Name

bush musharraf
'Ladies and Gentlemen, meet ............'
The President introduces what's-his-name.


WASHINGTON, DC — Reliving an embarrassing moment during the Presidential election campaign, when he was unable to remember the name of the President of Pakistan, President Bush was still unable to remember the Pakistan Prime Minister's name yesterday. Attempting to introduce the Pakistani President at a White House press conference yesterday, President Bush referred to the Prime Minister as "my good friend, our new all-ie, Pres-i-dent...... err...... he's a good man...... pretty ugly though...... he's not Veepeepee...... that's the Injun...... he's definitely Pak-is-stan...... he's the Pres-i-dent...... also a Gen-er-al...... fighting terr-or-ism...... he's got nukes...... don't want to piss him off............"

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