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Spike Lee Sues Viacom Over "Spike TV": Says He Owns "Spike" Name

spike lee

NEW YORK — Irritating movie maker, Spike Lee, has sued Viacom over its plans to name a new channel 'Spike TV,' which will feature the Stripperella cartoon series using the appearance and voice of Pamela Anderson.

Lee said that his name is so well known that people will think Spike TV is his TV channel. "I don't want white booty on my TV channel," he said.

His lawyers also argue that Spike Lee is entitled to the copyright to all the work of our hero, Spike Milligan, whose Goon Show on BBC Radio inspired satirical television shows like Monty Python and satirical magazines like Private Eye.

Spike Lee has also sued lots of little kids that have named their dogs Spike.

Meanwhile, the descendants of General Robert E. Lee have sued Spike Lee, and all other descendants of General Lee's slaves, for the General's name back.

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