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Larry Flynt Launches "Chustler" Magazine for Children


By our Pornography Expert, Mike Pasternack

LOS ANGELES — Pornographer Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler and other titles such as Barely Legal, has announced that he is entering the world of children's publishing.

"I got the idea from Madonna," said Flynt. "I thought, here's this gal who writes a porno book and then turns around writes a children's book, and I said to myself, why don't I do that?"

Flynt has even been in contact with Madonna and is in negotiations with her to take on the job of executive editor of the new magazine, called Chustler.

Asked why he was using a name so close to his adult magazine, Flynt replied, "Kid's want to be like their parents and feel grown up. What's wrong with them having a magazine they can buy from me until they turn 18 and then get the real thing? There may be some confusion at first when someone asks for this month's Chustler for their kids and gets a copy of Hustler from some vendor that doesn't hear so well, but I'm sure those incidents will be few. The safest thing is for dad to just buy both."

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