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Paris and Nicole Make a Barnyard Sex Video

paris cow

ALTUS, Arkansas — Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie may have been the butt of jokes for subjecting themselves to ridicule on The Simple Life, but they the got the last laugh by making some money with their butts.

"But my butt hurts," said Paris.

Moonlighting with the Fox TV camera crew and a wide assortment of farm animals, Paris and Nicole produced a steamy sex video, Paris Does Altus.

The girls went from filthy rich to just filthy, as they rolled in the mud and copulated with animals.

"The animals didn't behave any worse than the guys we pick up at parties in Beverly Hills," said Nicole, "but they don't buy you coke."

"The farmers taught us 'ho'ing,'" said Nicole. "Get it?"

"The only downside is that I don't get to wear many outfits in the video," said Paris. "The crew kept telling me to take everything off."

"And, oh yeah. The other thing was that Tinkerbell got eaten by a goat," said Paris. "I mean literally. Tinkerbell's gone."

"But I have to admit," added Paris with a smile, "that I fell in love with a horse."

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