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Iran Holds Sand Castle Competition to Rebuild Bam

bam sandcastle

BAM, Iran — The Iranian government has commenced the rebuilding of Bam by holding an international sand castle competition and inviting sand castle builders from beaches all over the world to come to Iran.

Men and women and boys and girls flew in to Iran by the hundreds to participate in the humanitarian effort which was also fun. They brought with them spades and buckets and plastic shapes, and set about rebuilding the ancient citadel, houses, turrets and city walls.

The Western women caused a stir by wearing bikinis and one-piece bathing suits instead of full-length burkhas. The Iranian religious police quickly arrested them and took them away for closer inspection behind closed doors.

Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami, thanked the male beachgoers for their aid in rebuilding Bam, but issued a denunciation of the women, saying that the women not being properly attired for the reconstruction work was a deliberate act of disrespect. He said further talks with the United States over Iran halting its nuclear program would be suspended.

Meanwhile, back on the beach at Bam, the male sand castle builders had one thought on their minds, "How much time do we have left before high tide?"

Mike Pasternack and Rob Ridley

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