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Janet Jackson Dangles Her Breast Over Hotel Balcony

janet balcony

BERLIN — Following her "accident" during the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, Janet Jackson has admitted she made a "terrible mistake" in dangling her breast over a hotel balcony as she greeted fans in Berlin this week. The singer caused a stir when she precariously held the breast out of a third floor window.

"I got caught up in the excitement of the moment," she said. "I would never intentionally endanger the wellbeing of my breast."

A spokesman for the Bambi awards, where Jackson was due to receive a lifetime achievement award for bizarre behavior, told reporters the breast was Jackson's right one named Princess Janet II. Rumors have been circulating for months that Jackson has a third breast, but it is not yet known if the breast is natural or an implant.

Jackson has been known to go around in public with her breasts covered in lace, hats and towels.

About 200 fans gathered outside hotel, screaming, "Show us your other two!" They debated whether she had implants or not.

But many onlookers feared the singer would tumble out of the window and fall to the ground, so heavy is her breast, although she was able to pop the breast back into her bra safely.

As fans cheered for her to appear again, Jackson came out onto the balcony covering her breast with a towel and threw her panties down to the crowd below.

She later apologized for offending anyone.

Jack Palethorpe

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