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Father of Pakistan's Nuclear Bomb is Very Sorry "With a Cherry on Top"

abdulqadeer khan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Abdul Qadeer Khan, who is a national hero in Pakistan for leading the development of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, has admitted giving nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea and has gone on national TV to say he is "very sorry."

After Khan met with President Pervez Musharraf this week, Musharraaf pardoned Khan after he admitted the leaks to him and further apologized "with a cherry on top."

This is considered a very big apology in Pakistan, or so reporters were told.

"He is very broken up over it and will never do it again," said Musharraf. ""I can tell when a person is really sorry and believe me, he just feels awful about the whole thing. He's the kind of guy that can't help showing off what he knows and those crafty Iranians, Libyan's, and North Korean's took advantage of his good nature."

"We would also like at this time to thank our Muslim brothers for finking us out."

Mike Pasternack

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