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Kerry and Kucinich Start a Band with the Surviving Beatles

dennis kucinich
The new Beatle

BOSTON — Two Democratic Presidential candidates, Dennis Kucinich and John Kerry, have started a new progressive rock band, The O-K's, with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the two surving members of the Beatles.

"It helps that Kucinich is a vegetarian," said Mr. Macartney.

"I am just trying to get a job that does not involve cleaning toilets," said Mr. Starr.

The two politicians sang two new songs, one about Kucinich called Kuci in the Sky With Diamonds and one about Kerry, called Baby You're a Rich Man, and What's The New Kerry Jane in Boston last Saturday, taking a break from stressful campaigning.

"We also sang three songs about Howard Dean," said Kucinich, "namely Help!, Nowhere Man, If I Fell and I'm a Loser."

Upon hearing this, Howard Dean, who also strums a guitar, said he would form his own band with Beatle children Sean Lennon and Zack Starkey, and sing some songs of his own, including Yesterday, Get Back, and Money (That's What I Want). He also said he would dedicate one to Kerry, called The Fool on the Hill.

But Kerry and Kucinich were unfazed by the prospect of competing with Dean's band.

"Most voters don't care about the issues. They just want to see me rock on my guitar," said Kucinich.


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