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President Bush Helped From Stage with Case of the Giggles

bush giggle

MERRIMAC, New Hampshire — As President Bush delivered a speech last week to the employees of the Fidelity Investment Group and a group of citizens of the town of Merrimac, New Hampshire, a reporter floated a question to the President that gave him such a case of the giggles he had to be helped from the stage by aides.

The President was outlining his budget proposals and, as anticipated, Bush seemed to leave out of his budget Iraq-related costs and a tax hike to overhaul his election-year goal of cutting the federal deficit.

This prompted one reporter to ask, "Mr. President, is it true that you have a secret plan to cut the deficit by taxing the richest 5% of the people?"

This threw the President into such a gale of laughter that he never seemed to recover. Between breaths he was heard to gasp, "Who floated that one!" and "Jeeze, I think I'm gonna throw up I'm laughing so hard."

The President was flown directly back to Washington D.C. and is expected to recover fully after reviewing the latest polls.

Mike Pasternack

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