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I Support President Bush for Reelection Because ...
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Martha Stewart Gets the Death Penalty
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Kerry Seeks Gay-Marriage Vote, Marries Ted Kennedy
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Liberal Media is Outraged by Myrna Blyth Book, "Spin Sisters"
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Girl Scouts Not Getting Pregnant; Waco Man Concerned
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Shareholder Dumps Disney Stock Over Dissatisfaction with Michael Eisner
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Angelina Jolie at the Academy Awards
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President Bush "Accidentally" Strips Lady Liberty
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Study Shows Most Senior Citizens Are Unaware of What Bush's Medicare Changes Mean
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"The Rifleman"
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Julia Roberts Asks the Wizard of Love
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The Adventures of Abdul and Hasim. Chapter 14: Last Stop, Paradise
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Comics We'd Like to See: Gross is Gross
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Men Are Pigs
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NASA Sees Evidence of Rover Having Passed Water on Mars

rover pee

HOUSTON — NASA scientists have found evidence of ancient water on Mars in volcanic rock, and signs that nearby ground had once been drenched. They made this discovery at a site which the first Mars rover passed by a few days ago, but did not notice until the second rover passed by that same spot.

"It is strange that the first rover didn't notice the traces of water. They must be millions of years old," said one scientist. "But the second rover sniffed around and zoomed in on these two spots right away."

Scientists speculated that there had been an ocean there or that water had percolated up through the rocks millions of years ago.

"No, I'd say it looks more like rain," said the lead scientist. "Based on the color of the rock, I'd say it was yellow rain."

The water discovery is near a rock shaped like a fire hydrant, which scientists have named Percy.

After the second rover moved on, scientists used the onboard camera to take a look back, and thought they saw more signs of water.

Said one scientist, "I'd swear it was fresh if I didn't know better!"

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