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Exotic Dancer's Snake Act Goes Horribly Wrong

snake act

CUMMING, Georgia — A snake charmer performing at a local farm fair was killed by her pet boa constrictor while performing for a crowd of hundreds last week.

Exotic dancer and part-time waitress at the local IHOP, Sheryl Lynn Peterball, had performed with the snake many times before without incident and townsfolk observing the act unfortunately thought that she was just adding a new twist to her performance. Sadly no one came to her aide as the 10-foot long snake choked Miss Peterball to death.

"Sheryl Lynn was always such a kidder that we thought nothing of it as she lay flopping on the ground," said Deputy Sheriff Clyde Cudchaw. "I feel just awful about it but the crowd was laughing so hysterically I just assumed it was just Sheryl grabbing a few laughs. I mean you would have had to be there. She was literally doing flips and yanking like mad at Sidney (the snake's name) and wearing that sexy outfit she wore for the act. Most of the men watching thought it was slicker than snot on a pump handle."

Cudchaw killed the snake with his night stick when Miss Peterball hadn't moved for five minutes after the act was completed and the applause had died down. "The color was pretty much gone from her face and it was then I realized what was going on."

Services for Miss Peterball will be held at the Cumming First Baptist Church.

"We put Sidney in the coffin with her. Sheryl would have wanted it that way," said her parents, Vern and Marvela Peterball.

Mike Pasternack

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