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Bob Woodward: "I'm Spending the Rest of My Life in Bush's Shorts"
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Genealogical Study Shows a Cheney Always Carried a Bush
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Karl Rove Regrets the "Mission Accomplished" Sign
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Forget Soccer Moms, Bush Wants Viagra Dads
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GOP Temporarily Loses Control of Attack Machine
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Rosie O'Donnell Keeps Showing Up at America's Big Moments; Does She Have Gump Syndrome?
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Fund Started for Laid Off Porn Stars
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Scientists Confirm Brain Bone is Connected to Ass Bone
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Arkansas 'Young Mother' Award Winner is Pregnant With 15th Child
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Buy a Wooden Box Made by Jesus the Carpenter
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Optical Illusion
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Miss Alabama Was Not a Good Loser in the Beauty Pageant
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Carl's Letters: Advice to Bush on Bob Woodward's Book
Letter from Carl Estrada to George Bush... Full story

Reader Asks the Wizard of Love for Pick-Up Lines
You can ask the Wizard anything... Full story

Strange Confessions: George Bush
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Comics We'd Like to See: No. 2 Swimming Accident
With apologies to 69 Chickweed Lane... Full story

First Amendment
Stupid Drawings from a stupid stupid man... Full story

Swedish Professor Calls Topless Heidi Klum a Hooker

STOCKHOLM — A Swedish professor has attacked the ad campaign of retailer H&M for its posters for bathing suits featuring supermodel Heidi Klum in a topless pose.

Ake Finne, a Professor of Advertising in Sweden, said, "These ads are insulting to women, depicting them as hookers. The image is unappetizing. Heidi 'dares' to bare all, yet hides behind a pole, a pole that leads the thought to a stripper's dancing pole. Her underwear is so far down on her hips you don't know if she's about to take them off or on."

A spokesperson for H&M disagreed. "We believe that our customers will identify with the model. We've chosen her because she fills out our bathing suits in the best possible way and represents a healthy lifestyle, apart from the silicone implants."


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