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Image of SpongeBob Not Found on Kitchen Sink Sponge

Notice when you stare really hard at the sponge, you see no facial features ... that's because existentialism is about nothing and why SpongeBob is an Existential Messiah!
"It was annoyingly yellow," announced an agnostic cleaning lady doing dishes at the home filled with atheists, "just like SpongeBob SquarePants."

"I had just seen the movie ... and it was like a non-miracle ... suddenly, I just looked down at the dish washing item ... and there he wasn't!" the pagan woman continued.

"Then, this may shock you ... I stepped on a little worm ... it was not Plankton ... I am sure ... I got down on my knees and started not praying, " she added.

She followed this by humming Irving Berlin's Christmas song, White Christmas, which has NO REFERENCE TO JESUS CHRIST!!!

Van Gross MD

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