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Jean Dicksin's Predictions for 2005

jean dicksin
By Mike Pasternack

Snoop Doggy Dog will run for governor of New Jersey with the campaign slogan, "Sh*t man, at least I'm not gay!"

Jennifer Lopez will divorce and remarry again, this time to her orthodontist, announcing, "I need some dental work."

Donald Rumsfeld will resign when it is discovered that he had his maid sign all his letters to dead servicemen's families.

John Madden will be arrested for violating the Mann Act because he transported the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders across state lines.

Oliver Stone announces his next movie will be Jason Alexander the Great.

Cereal in Wheaties' boxes depicting Barry Bonds on the front will be found to contain steroids.

A basketball game will break out in the middle of a heavyweight boxing match.

Ben Affleck will star in the new bio-pic, The Life and Times of Peewee Herman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be impeached as California governor after a video of him is found on the internet showing Arnold as the meat in a three-way sandwich with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie.

President Bush will announce his new slogan at his inauguration, "It's not like Vietnam, honest!"

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