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Mario Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame

super mario
CANTON, Ohio — Dan Marino was shocked when he heard that the Pro Football Hall of Fame judges had made a critical mistake and, because of an error on the ballot, had elected Nintendo hero, Mario, to the Hall of Fame instead of him.

Marino's attorney says that he will appeal the vote, saying that the judges thought that they were voting for Dan Marino, not Mario. After all, Marino did play in Florida, where the ballots were made. Also, it was very suspicious that Pat Buchanan got second place over Steve Young.

While it is kinda "fishy' that Marino lost the vote, we congratulate Mario on having a great career. He surpassed Marino in many fields, such as in Koopa pounces, Bowser killings and Princess rescues. He obviously deserves the prize.

Mario could not be reached for comment, but we talked to Luigi. "Don't look at me," he said. "I voted Green."


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