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Condi Rice, Dominatrix

Condoleeza Rice inspects troops, dressed as a dominatrix
WEISBADEN, Germany — US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, relishing the power of her new role, inspected German troops at Wiesbaden, Germany, last week dressed as the dominatrix she has become on US foreign policy.

Clothed all in black, she caused both fear and sexual excitement in her long, sleek, military-style coat with band collar and gold buttons, sexy short skirt, and knee-high leather boots with three-inch stiletto heels.

The German Nazi Party issued a statement endorsing Ms. Rice and her interventionist foreign policy. Even the leftist German Chanceller, Gerhard Schroeder, voiced his support for Ms, Rice.

"I don't agree vit zee Bush administration's position on Iraq, but I vould like to explore positions vith Ms. Rice," he said. "I am villing to change my position."

Later in the day, France surrendered.

Emma Dubin

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