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Prosecutors Call for More Lying Kids and Scam-Artist Parents to Testify Against Michael Jackson

SANTA BARBARA — The District Attorney of Santa Barbara County, Thomas W. ("Mad Dog") Sneddon Jr., has issued a call for more liars to come forward to testify against Michael Jackson.

"We need more kids prepared to take Jackson down," said Sneddon. "The kid's we've been using so far have been disappointing, folding too easily on the witness stand."

He issued a call to parents experienced in shaking down celebrities to bring forward children who will hold up better under cross examination.

Sneddon has been pursuing Jackson since 1993, when he first led an investigation of Jackson for child molestation, but he was forced to drop the case when the child he was dealing with stopped cooperating with authorities.

Why is Sneddon, a 63-year old father of nine children, doing this?

"I hate Jackson's music," said Sneddon, "and especially his moonwalking. I grew up listening to the greats, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, Dion and the Belmonts, and The Big Bopper. Jackson is corrupting our kids with his race music."

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