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Scott Peterson to Become Lawn Fertilizer
... Full story

Robert Blake: "I Can't Believe I'm Innocent!"
Scenes from the Robert Blake trial... Full story

Lil' Kim Told a Big Fib
A reader poll on this week’s trials... Full story

Michael Jackson's Feeding Tube Removed
... Full story

Prosecutors Call for More Lying Kids and Scam-Artist Parents to Testify Against Michael Jackson
... Full story

Mark McGwire Admits to Being a Steroid from the Planet Ster
... Full story

Europeans Oppose Wolfowitz for World Bank Chief, Say He Might Spread Democracy
... Full story

Bush Diary - Lightning Bolt for UN, Wolfy-Watzit for Wurld Bank
... Full story

Heidi Klum is Expecting a Baby Seal
... Full story

Women Found Dead in Water Tank; "We Thought the Water Tasted Better"
... Full story

Weird Wonder Tales: Jim Carey
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Comics We'd Like to See: BC Pokemon
With apologies to BC... Full story

Yip Yap
Stupid Drawings from a stupid stupid man... Full story

Cute Animal Photos

Monkey in glasses
Passed out cat
Kitty overdose
Drunk squirrel
Chicken sandwich


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