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Extremely Well-Hung Saddam Sought by Advertisers to Model Men's Briefs

BAGHDAD — World reaction to the publication of a photo of Saddam Hussein clad only in his briefs reached a fevered pitch this week. While Western advertisers desperately sought to sign the very well endowed Saddam for boxer ads, the United Nations on the other hand called for a full investigation of the incident.

The photo, published in Britain's The Sun tabloid newspaper, showed Hussein in his prison cell dressed only in a pair of Hanes Classics® Full-Cut Briefs. Hanes: where softness meets support. It's a body hug with just the right amount of hold. The SuperSoft ring-spun cotton is pre-shrunk " you'll notice the better fit. A plush waistband and full-cut design add to the everyday comfort of this brief. Available at Sears.

The most passionate outrage came from the Middle East, where several people cited the brutal nature of the photo.

"This is a horrendous attack against all Arabs," said a shop owner in Karbala. "Saddam was a wicked man, but never did he take photographs of people in their underpants. Not in the torture rooms nor the rape rooms, nor when he dropped nerve gas on his own people ". never. This is an atrocity beyond comprehension!"

In Washington, protesters clad only in white undies marched in front of the British Embassy as well as the White House, calling for an end to Anglo-American occupation of Iraq. On Capital Hill, several key Democrats said that the "Underwear Episode" could be the decisive issue in the 2008 Presidential election, prompting Senator Hillary Clinton to modify her standard undergarments from boxers to briefs.

French President, Jacques Chirac, issued a statement condemning the photo, saying it was "an insult to all that's decent. My heart goes out to Saddam. He's quite hot in his man-panties, no?"

Mark Fisher

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