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A. Jolie Good Fellow

angelina jolie jolie
LOS ANGELES — Now with Jenaside, Angelina Jolie is having second thoughts the baby she adopted and about moving in with Brad Pitt.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes is having second thoughts about having a baby with Tom Cruise. She fears Hollywood engagements that are orphan on again and that maybe Tom is not ready to be a kid man again.

Katie does not want to be a single mom. She has already made preparations for plan B. If she has to give the baby up for adoption, she would give birth at Cedar Zulu. She would be relieved to know the baby would be adopted by a close knit African family with old money, or perhaps in Asia where she has heard (HIV) positive stories about youthinasia.

Katie doesn't understand why Angelina is such a phony.

"She takes that little girl with her wherever she goes," said Katie, "yet she always says my baby's such a horra."

Many people believe that celebrity foreign adoptions are a freud and that the jung and the restless are just seeking publicity.

Laurie Siegel

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