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jennifer anniston jenniferanniston
The incredibly beautiful Jennifer Anniston. So feminine.
LOS ANGELES — After being named as GQ Magazine's first Woman of the Year, Jennifer Aniston's celebrity status continues to rise.

Entrepreneurs are jumping on the Jennifer craze, designing multiple Jennifer Aniston products capitalizing on anything the star does, says, wears, throws away or emits from her body.

After Jen used the ladies room at a swank restaurant where she was dining with friends, stunned onlookers ogled as she returned to her table with a long stream of toilet paper attached to her heel.

Within days, hundreds of women were sporting the Jen TP look. Now, a shoe company is designing a pump with a permanent toilet paper stream attached to it.

"Jennifer has an incredible style," a rep from the company said. "We want to make it available to all women who wish to emulate Jen."

Another company is said to be creating a Jennifer scent, based on the odor of the ladies room after Jennifer left.

Not wanting to lose their opportunity, a major supplier of toilet paper is rumored to be in negotiations with Jen to have her face imprinted on their rolls. They're hoping to roll it out before the holidays.

Mary Kirchhoff

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