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Indian Tech Support Rep Breaks Hot Air Record

BANGALORE, India — Just days after Vijaypat Singhania of India broke the world record for the highest flight in a hot air balloon, Vijay PatSajack of India tripled the hot air record by expelling 132 tons of hot air during an America Online Live Tech Support session.

Mark Truman from St. Louis, Missouri had called in to AOL about a problem with his e-mail, causing PatSajack to mouth off for nearly three and half hours about purging the cache, restarting the computer, re-installing AOL, deleting temporary files and finally suggesting a killing rampage at the local Best Buy.

But only if there are "Paki workers there or Britishers who told my great uncle Gandhi to pick himself up some deodorant," said PatSajack.

Truman apparently had nearly succumbed to the heated verbiage emanating from his phone line, but fortunately had placed the Indian computer expert on speaker thereby diffusing much of the high temperature gibberish into his large bedroom.

"Hot air rises," noted Truman. "I guess that's why there's a distinct yogurt and curry scent on my ceiling.

"And then I called AOL the next day to give them a piece of my mind because, after all that hot air, I still had my e-mail problem. The guy starts yelling to me about cold cuts in this new deli or something and yesterday I found this emaciated cow in my bed.

"Do I think I should upgrade to the AOL 9.0 Security edition?"

Van Gross, MD

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