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Tabloids Are Cool After All: GARLIC CURES!

garlic cures
BOCA RATON, FL — Forget all those nasty things we said about tabloids and tabloid journalists! After all, who are we, the reporters who write this rubbish, to cast stones upon our brethren?

The National Examiner, previously thought to be a tacky rag, is now revealed to be an erudite fountain of knowledge, with its latest headline, "GARLIC CURES!... new research proves it works!" It seems that our fame has spread nationally (well, at least to the Examiner's office in Boca Raton, Florida).

Yes, according to The National Examiner, in addition to curing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and the common cold, Garlic - The stinky newspaper cures the blahs.

So, to get the cure, dig out your credit card and click on Subscriptions.

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