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Germans Demand Return of Hitler's Art

BERLIN — Following the success of the descendants of German Jews recovering from Western museums art stolen by the Nazis, a neo-Nazi group has called for the museums in U.S. and Russia to return artwork by Adolph Hitler stolen by the World War II allies at the end of the War.

"As well as being a great leader, the Fuhrer was an excellent painter," said Wolfgang Dieter, a leader of a neo-Nazi group.

"American soldiers took many of his drawings, watercolors and oil paintings after they stormed Obersalzberg, the Fuhrer's summer residence near the Austrian border. The Russians tool some paintings from his bunker in Berlin. Those ones were slightly singed, but are still of historical value and have great artistic merit.

"Non-German people mistakenly view the Fuhrer as a mass murder and lunatic, whereas his paintings reveal him to be a sensitive man who could explore nature's beauty. He also repeatedly explored Eva Braun's beauty, until he shot her."

Julio Cesar

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