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Ask Dr. Sawtooth: How Does Bush Have the Cajones to Show Up in New Orleans?

Dr. Sawtooth
Bongo News is proud to have engaged the services of Dr. Sawtooth. Dr. Sawtooth and his staff of experts will select and answer a question of interest each week. This week's question is from Eduard LaFarge of New Orleans.
Q: It has been one year since Katrina destroyed my home, and essentially my life. My insurance company said tough luck, and I'm filling out the 85th FEMA form with no response. I've tried phoning but their phone has been busy for one year. My wife and I are living with my son, his wife, and four children in their small three-bedroom home in Miami. When I heard Bush was going to visit New Orleans, I phoned Ray Nagin, the New Orleans Mayor, and offered my wrecked home for the President's photo backdrop, but received no reply. Then the President appears on local TV hammering nails into someone's wall, with cheering and smiling people looking on. I suspect the photo was taken in Utah; there aren't many smiling people here except for those working for Halliburton. How does Bush have the cajones to show up here?"

A: The President's handlers felt the urgent need to get his poll ratings up. In a feeble and pathetic effort to accomplish this, they considered getting him to appear somewhere in a positive light. Where to go? Lebanon? No, Baghdad? No, Crawford? Definitely no. Golfing in Maine? Visit a Ford plant? Ouch! Make a speech about global warming being fake? Announce that stem cell research is killing blond babies? No. The most positive thing they could come up with is to pretend how well New Orleans is recovering from Katrina. The amazing thing is that he still has supporters believing this stuff!

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