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American Whites Have a Remarkable Sameness, Say Australian Aborigines

ALICE SPRINGS, Central Australia — American white people all look the same, according to a team of Australian aboriginal scientists.

"Behavior is the same too," added Dr. Goolagonga "Google" Goolagong, head of the Outback Anthropology Team investigating the United States.

"They are ridiculous overachievers with no innate talent. The women tend to be more organized but they are mindless non-stop shoppers, trying desperately to achieve the satisfaction they rarely achieve in bed thanks to mindless non-stop worker male partners who try in vain to achieve intimacy with women who have no use for their fifteen second definition of same. Both sexes are loaded with facial expressions. That's their big thing "“ that and eating sushi.

"At least the Chinese have about a hundred languages and Black people have profound complexity in rhythmic themes.

"The American Whites, by contrast, have remarkable sameness," concluded Goolagong, "They use girl talk repetitive phrasing or, on the male side, are largely mute."

Van Gross, MD

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