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Ann Coulter Comes Out of the Closet On a Howard Stern Broadcast

NEW YORK — After taking homophobia to new heights, Ann Coulter, right-wing pundit and draconian darling of the neocons, admitted onThe Howard Stern Show that she is a long-time practicing lesbian " something many in the U.S. and abroad have suspected for years.

Although she declined Stern's request to "show us what lesbians do " we're curious," Coulter did admit that practice makes perfect and that she's "practically perfect now."

When asked why she chose to shoot her load of vitriolic spunk on the John Edwards visage when she had a choice of so many fulsome faces, she responded, "Self-loathing can make one do funny things " besides, I thought I might still make Hillary."

Among other funny things that have happened to Coulter since her outburst and her outing: she lost corporate sponsorship for her website; she shaved her head; she tried to hang herself with a bed sheet; she rejected marriage proposals from Michael Richards; and she carved a swastika on her forehead.

"Nice," said Stern, "By the way, do you know you made the swastika backwards?"

"Bite me," said Coulter.

"Sure thing," said Stern.

Roger Coverly

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