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Korean Hokey Pokey

korea pres
"You put both hands up..."
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Apparently South Koreans hate the United States, which rescued them from Communism and continues to station troops there as a defense against an attack from North Korea.

Meanwhile, you'd think the South Koreans would be focused on the threat posed to them by North Korea, which has announced that it is reviving its nuclear weapons program. But South Koreans don't seem concerned.

Dumb and dumber!

Nosiree, the Koreans hate America so much they want to loosen their ties to the U.S.

"Go ahead," said George Bush to newly elected South Korean President, Roh Moo Hyan, pictured here with his wife, Kwon Yang Sook. "But you'll find that it's a little difficult to loosen your tie with your hands up in the air. In fact, it's impossible if you keep playing the Hokey Pokey all night. You need to have both hands on the tie. Boy those Korean guys like Hokey Pokey and Karaoke."

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