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Jack Palethorpe, in Pursuit of Models

model sweater
By our Movie Critic, Jack Palethorpe

NEW YORK — I was invited to a reception at the Century Association, a private club in New York, to see some guy show photos of models at a fundraiser for a "model room." I thought that I had finally found a charitable cause I could support, and one with some possible fringe benefits. I like models, and if there were a whole room full of models I would have a better chance of getting one of their phone numbers.

Imagine my disappointment when the "models" turned out to be cardboard architectural models of buildings by crazy architect, Frank Gehry, who designed that weird art gallery in Bilbao, Spain, with the wildly curvy metal roof. Anyway, I did manage to get him to autograph a sketch of his of a theater being built by Disney in Los Angeles. Maybe it will be worth something some day.

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